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Stress As a Cause of Hair Loss

Let us start out with a simple question: Is there a link between hair loss and stress? The simple and succinct answer is 'Yes, there is!' To be rather less succinct and a lot more pretentious, the Longman English Dictionary determines stress as "a physical or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension". True to this definition, inordinate amounts of emotional or physical strain has been known to be at root for a number of different types of hair loss.

The most common, and indeed most short-lived, variety of stress induced baldness is known as telogen effluviam. In this less severe condition, excessive emotional or physical stress forces hair follicles into their resting state, effecting the whole scalp or just patches. Within a few months (around 3 or 4), the hair falls out in clumps. Although this may be very upsetting, indeed stressful- which probably won't help- hair lost usually regrows in around 6 to 9 months.

Another condition linked with stress is Alopecia Areata. Although not the only cause of the disorder, intense stress is thought to be one of them, as stress has been known to cause chemical imbalance within the body, which effects the auto-immune system. Alopecia Areata involves white blood cells mistaking hair follicles for foreign bodies and attacking them. This, of course, stops hair growth and leads to usually patchy, if not whole scalp, hair loss within weeks. Like telogen effuviam, the hair may grow back of its own accord. However, it is more likely that medical help would be needed.

Trichotilomania is another disorder that may be linked to stress. Generally regarded as an impulse control disorder, and by-far the rarest of the conditions mentioned, it is believed to be augmented or even triggered by excessive stress. Trichotilomania itself is an irresistible urge to pull out hair from the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes or other areas of the body and its link to stress may be as a release of negative feelings, such as anxiety, loneliness or tension.

If stress is the cause of your hair loss, then it does not have to be permanent, provided your stress is kept under control- be sure to talk to your doctor about these issues. However, some conditions, like alopecia areata, may be permanent and all these disorders require a long time to regrow hair lost. For permanent alopecia, Minoxodil is often spoken of as a possible treatment, but you must consider the disadvantages. Most do not experience hair regrowth and 1 in 3 do not notice any difference. There is also the need to use the medication indefinitely, with the necessary and inevitable running costs.

So what is the alternative to those of us with permanent or long-term temporary hair loss?

In my opinion, as someone who also suffers from pre-mature baldness, an advanced non-surgical hair system is the best option. It provides a realistic and financially viable hair cover, which is also practical, versatile and generally stress free.

When Should You Get a Hair Transplant?

Many would say that a hair transplant is a good answer to hair loss problems. This may be true, however before you dive into the surgery there are other things that you should consider first. So when do you think you should get a hair transplant?

Hair transplant is not something that you decide on lightly. This is not like having a weave sown into your hair or choosing the right toupee. Having a hair transplant is an invasive procedure and it deals with a very limited amount of resource (your hair) so you have to consider it after deliberating on it thoroughly

Because this condition is caused by a number of factors such as medications, lifestyle, pre-existing condition (thyroid problems), stress, and hormonal changes, there are also different kinds of treatment available.

If you are taking new or maintenance medications you may want to consult your doctor about this because one of its side effects could lead to baldness. Do not stop any maintenance medication by yourself and without further consult from your physician because this might result to more serious problems.

Your lifestyle could also contribute to hair loss, especially if you are constantly under the barrage of stress. This is what you call stress alopecia and it can be relieved simply by just removing yourself away from the stress. For any pre-existing conditions that are causing your baldness, you need to attend to the primary problem before it can be resolved.

However there is also that kind of hair loss that is caused by DHT or dihydrotestosterone. It starts out when the hormone testosterone, which is present in both males and females (smaller amounts in the latter), is turned into DHT by the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. When DHT comes in contact with your hair follicles this is when the bad news starts. DHT can shrink and thin your hair until it sheds and the sites permanently unable to produce any more hair. This phenomenon is what you refer as female or male pattern baldness.

This type, however, can be relieved medications such as Propecia or Rogaine. These are brands that have proven itself to give effective results however you should take it continuously to prevent it from happening again. Some do the comb over to conceal the balding area, but oftentimes with poor aesthetic outcome. Others opt for hair pieces like wigs or hair weaves and extensions.

Hair transplant is a good last resort; however you should also consider the fact that it is invasive and costly. Doctors would also suggest that your hair loss should first be stabilized by medications before going ahead with surgery. They also want to make sure that the process has reached its course.

If you are a teenager experiencing hair loss, hair doctor would suggest that you wait until your late twenties because the condition might still progress. As mentioned earlier you only have very limited resources and prematurely having one will only lessen your donor grafts should you need another procedure later on.

Think it through thoroughly before you finally dive head first into hair transplant surgery. The results will be astounding if you first consider all precautions first.

Getting a Read on Honey Bee Pollen Uses

Honey bees are one of the most amazing creatures in the world. They work extremely hard all their lives collecting pollen and making honey among other things. In fact, farmers are very dependent on the bees to pollinate their crops. This article will focus on honey bee pollen uses and benefits.

The use of bee products to enhance one's health dates back thousands of years to the Egyptians, Chinese and Roman people.

In the past few years you may have heard of a sudden decline in the population of honey bees. It has been a big concern in the beekeeping and scientific community. It has even been given a name, Colony Collapse Disorder.

What Are Some Popular Honey Bee Pollen Uses?

Bee pollen is very popular in the health food community because it contains many vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Some health food experts even call it a super food because it contains practically everything needed to sustain life.

Aiding in Weight Loss

One of the most common honey bee pollen uses is that it acts as an appetite suppressant. It is not meant to be used as a weight loss supplement but as part of a complete weight loss regimen.

An Increase in Natural Energy

One of the main benefits of this natural substance is that it can provide a natural energy boost. It does not act like a caffeinated energy drink in providing an instant boost of energy. It also does not give you the same sudden drop when the caffeine wears off. It is a natural energy enhancement that usually becomes noticeable after about a month of regular use. Some people will notice an improvement in their energy in a shorter period though.

Great Source of Protein

This substance is loaded in proteins and thus is a good source of protein for vegetarians. The high protein content is also beneficial to athletes as many take this natural supplement as part of their routine.

In addition, the BCAA (branched-chain amino acids) are excellent for muscle development, which is why this substance is popular among body builders as well. But, you certainly do not need to be a weightlifter to benefit from this natural substance.

Potential Side Effects

Some people may be allergic to bee pollen. The symptoms include rashes, difficulty in breathing, upset stomach or nausea. If you are experiencing these symptoms then stop taking the pollen product. You may need to consult your physician if the symptoms are severe.

Now that you know some of the honey bee pollen uses, why not try this amazing natural supplement today.

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Bee pollen that is sourced in New Zealand is the most natural and pure source we have come across.

Vitamin C for Colds and Flu

In the United States, five to 20 percent of Americans get flu every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). About 200,000 people are hospitalized due to flu complications including high fever, dehydration and fatigue. More than a billion around the world catch the common cold every year.

Whenever the cold and flu season is peaked, people reach for vitamin C as the primary remedy. Others rely on it as a preventive measure. It was first used as cold treatment in the 1970s. Nowadays, it's so popular that people seek this vitamin through food supplements, fortified juices, fruits and vegetables.

In fact, vitamin C is touted as the most famous nutrient. Ask anyone what vitamins they know and vitamin C will always be one of the top answers. Studies show that in this country, more than 40 percent of adults take vitamin C supplements. In other parts of the world, the rate is 25 percent.

What is Vitamin C?
Vitamin C, otherwise known as ascorbic acid, is an essential vitamin and antioxidant needed by the body for the maintenance of muscles, blood vessels and bones. It also regulates the formation of collagen and the body's absorption of iron, also an important nutrient.

It's water-soluble so it can easily be excreted from the body if there is excess amount. Too bad though it cannot be manufactured by the human body. Humans along with chimps, bats, birds and guinea pigs are some of the few creatures that are not able to make their own vitamin C.

The good news is, aside from being widely manufactured in the form of supplements, it can also be found in vegetables and fruits such as broccoli, bell pepper, parsley, strawberries, lemon juice, papaya, mustard greens, cauliflower, kale, oranges and Brussels sprouts.

Vitamin C for Colds and Flu
For many years, this vitamin has been the subject of many studies. Researchers investigate how this vitamin can be a possible treatment or preventive measure for colds. A group of researchers reviewed 21 controlled trials that used one to eight grams of vitamin C per day.

Findings showed that people who took this amount of vitamin C had experienced a 23 percent decline in the duration of common cold as well as severity of the symptoms. The amount that can give such protection is still being probed but experts say that intake of one to three grams or 120 to 200 mg daily was enough to do the work.

In another study that reviewed 23 controlled trials indicated that vitamin C supplements provided more significant benefits for children than adults. This same study reported that two grams of vitamin a day were much more effective than one gram in decreasing duration of cold symptoms.

Recommended Dietary Allowance
For nonsmoking adults, the recommended daily amount is 90 mg for men and 75 mg for women. Smokers are advised to take in higher amount such as 125 mg for men and 110 mg for women. They need higher intake because smoking easily depletes stores of this vitamin. Pregnant women should strive to get 80 to 85 mg a day while nursing mothers should get 115 to 120 mg a day.

Other Benefits of Vitamin C
Vitamin C has a multitude of other health benefits apart from being a remedy or preventive measure for colds and flu. It's also powerful as an antioxidant. It efficiently protects the body from the cellular rust brought about by free radicals.

Free radicals are harmful elements produced by oxidative stress. This can lead to a variety of medical conditions include heart disease, stroke and some forms of cancer like colon, esophagus, stomach, lung and mouth. Vitamin C also helps production of vitamin E, which is another potent antioxidant.

Many studies also show that vitamin can lower blood pressure. It also helps maintain proper dilation the blood vessels, which in turn can reduce the risk of heart failure, atherosclerosis and high cholesterol levels.

Moreover, this vitamin also significantly diminishes the level of lead in your system. People who live in urban areas suffer from lead toxicity that can negatively affect their mental and physical health. Children with high toxicity level are more prone to learning disabilities and developmental problems. Adults, on the other hand, are at increased risk of high blood pressure and kidney damage.

Whether it's cold and flu season or not, it's obvious that you'll get lots of benefits from taking in vitamin C supplements. Be sure to eat a nutritionally balanced diet as well since food is still the best source of nutrients.

Maximum Protein for Maximum Results

Eating is a very pleasurable thing for most of us, but for bodybuilders - it's their JOB! Nobody enjoys tossing down 12 or 18 egg whites for breakfast, let's be honest. Nobody enjoys the taste of chicken off the Foreman grill, by the pound. And how many whey shakes can we toss down each day before we lose our minds? The answer, if you wish to be a successful bodybuilder and maximize your muscle-building potential, is that you will eat WHATEVER IT TAKES to build and maintain muscle mass.

If you're looking to make the most possible gains from your training efforts in the gym, then you need to make sure you're giving your body adequate protein for building muscle & recovery. This may mean going above and beyond your normal 'comfortable' eating patterns. You won't want to engorge yourself with food and end up feeling miserable all morning. And you won't want to chew down foods that you actively despise. Instead, you simply want to find a way to achieve a safe and balanced protein intake commensurate with your bodyweight.

If you are currently 150 pounds, then you should be eating 250 to 325 grams of protein per day. You'll also want to add more carbohydrates and fats to your diet since, as you probably already know, you probably do not carry as much muscle mass as you are capable of carrying.

Do you tip the scales at 200 pounds yet? In this case, gaining muscle mass will be tougher, and you'll have to consume a great deal more calories - and grams of daily protein. Scoot between 300 and 375 grams of protein per day from a variety of sources, and keep the calories high enough that you never lose weight of the muscular variety.

If you are 240 pounds of above, whether lean or obese, then you need to be consuming 400 or more grams of protein daily. If you're already that big, and you're fairly lean and muscular, then you probably already know what level of caloric intake and protein work best, but you should be enjoying 60 to 80 grams of protein with each daily meal.

There are some additional factors to consider. There is a point where too much protein becomes a bad thing. If your urine is smelling strong and your kidneys begin hurting, see a doctor for a blood panel to ensure they are healthy. If you are a steroid user, you will be able to make use of 450 to 550 grams of protein per day, but going that high for a natural will result in wasted protein excreted in urine.

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Best Supplements For Digestive Health

It's best to think twice before investing in supplements for digestive health. There are indeed natural supplements which of course are best, but some will contain non-natural ingredients. More importantly though, do you really need to buy any of these?

The term digestive health covers a wide range of things. The digestive system is big and complex, involving many parts and pieces that make it up. The intestinal tract which lies within this system is a huge topic on it's own and is responsible for many of the digestive problems and disorders we get and call label as digestive problems. It is actually said that all disease originates in the intestines.

Digestive enzymes

Perhaps the most sought after supplement for promoting better digestive health are enzyme supplements. This is not surprising because the fast food and high processed food diets most of us are on lack the enzymes our body needs for good health.

Here's the problem with buying an enzyme supplement

They won't work. Enzymes are proteins and when they are removed from their natural food or plant source to be processed and encapsulated they behave differently. Your stomach has a digestive enzyme call pepsin, it's job is to consume protein as it enters the stomach, since the enzyme supplements you ingested are protein they get destroyed right there, proving no more value.

Other supplements for digestive health

There are many that work to cleanse, relieve, flush, aid digestion, stop constipation and many others. Why not simply eat the proper foods that solve these same problems? Sure there are a few herbs that are not so easily found perhaps but most foods you will be able to get.

There is little these supplements can do that can't be gotten from fresh fruits, raw and lightly steamed vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds, aloe vera juice. The other food group essential for digestive health are grains. These must be natural and unrefined. That means no bakery muffins and white bread or any white flour products as they will clog up your system.

Kiwifruit can be taken as the best supplement for digestive health, loaded with digestive enzymes, fibers, prebiotics antioxidants and much more. The most nutrient dense fruit there is - find out how to get all it's benefits in a natural supplement that will amaze you.

The best supplement for digestive health? Loaded with digestive enzymes, fibers, prebiotics antioxidants and much more. The most nutrient dense fruit there is - find out how to get all it's benefits in a natural supplement that will amaze you.

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How to Maintain Health and Wellness With Yoga

Although often described as a branch of the health option, yoga is a science in itself all the subtleties that only experienced teachers can explain it. Although you can find many yoga masters in the West, most are born and educated in India. There are many varieties of yoga techniques that are best suited to your individual needs. These techniques vary from one woman, a teenager, an elderly person, a child and an athlete.

Yoga for health and well-being has several advantages and needs to fill almost all individuals. It allows everyone to play their role effectively, smoothly and comfortably. Yoga compared with other exercises such as gymnastics and aerobics has several advantages. You can practice yoga in your home or outside, alone or in groups. It must be practiced on an empty stomach and can be done at any time during the day.

Yoga for health aid prevents disease and illness and maintain health and fitness into your daily life. Although all age groups can practice yoga effectively, some techniques are appropriate for certain age groups only. For example, the asanas that include forward and backward bending are good for children 6 to 10 years.

Yoga for health

Yoga when practiced correctly has the advantages of flexibility of joints, muscles, relaxed and tension free mind and efficiently working vital organs such as heart, lungs, pancreas, liver and endocrine glands.

Yoga brings great changes that have a profound effect on the mental health of a person and that these changes are the reduction of tension and restore flexibility. Yoga also increases the ability of vigilance, attention and motivation to tackle various problems. It also creates a powerful and positive connection between the physical and emotional health.

There are benefits associated with specific health yoga that are unique and are beyond the benefits of an exercise program. It can be as energetic or as soft as you need it. You can take the help of a yoga instructor who can work with your individual fitness level to modify postures for you.

Yoga is one of several approaches to improve the well-being and promote naturopathic health. Iyengar Yoga, in particular, focuses on healing. In this type, the precise application of the alignment is used to free the body against the negative effects of misalignment and incorrect posture. The instructors here use blocks, cushions, benches, straps and bags of beans make appropriate adjustments to the absolute position of postural alignment.

You can maintain adequate health and well-being by practicing yoga exercises and different postures regularly. Remember yoga complements other natural healing methods for improving the flow of energy in the body. Practice different postures, massage therapy etc. Therapeutic help ensure any minor ailments are reconciled before they become serious and affect other parts of the body.

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Goat Milk Soap And Regular Bar Soap

Are at times even if the price is slightly higher.

Regular soap bars you find in most retail stores, healthy ingredients to manufacturers of substitutions (but more expensive) rather than in favor of natural alternatives are cheaper. These substitutions and petroleum-based chemicals to your skin as the most common replacement, are not beneficial for some, can cause skin irritation.

Commercial soap makers remove the glycerin from the soap has a tendency before it solidifies. Glycerin soap is required for construction, but to remove it as a cost-saving maneuver to put other products. Regular soap users as an unfortunate practice glycerine as a moisturizer for your skin can be quite beneficial.

- And what is the key ingredient in goat's milk soap? - Goat's milk. Milk is a major component that is missing from the soap. The lactic acid in milk is a natural source of alpha hydroxy acid, a compound added to many anti-aging products.

Goat's milk soap bars for more than a balanced pH level is likely to match the pH of human skin. It's in people with sensitive or irritable skin helps reduce irritation.

Many goat milk soap manufacturers, they also raise goats, goat milk from farmers who hand craft our soap.

When you are on a budget, regular soap is the cheapest option and the advance may seem like it could be.It is also a local goat farmers themselves who take pride in making your skin is the best supports

How to Reduce Your Risk of Catching the Flu

Flu season is here. Disease Control (CDC), according to the center, the peak months of catching flu's December - March, the highest month of February as a month. How to reduce your risk of catching flu, it is important to know the flu is spread.

Flu often qualifies a person to person. With the spread of influenza in the other six feet away to the fact people can flu germs. When a sneeze or cough can ill with the flu virus' Malthus on the infected person, germs droplets land. Beyond coughing or sneezing, healthy people carry the flu virus than those touch harmful items (table tops, keyboards, faucet knobs, toilet flush) coming into contact with. Flu germs can hold up to avoid this, you should always make sure you wash your hands and your eyes all day, make Avoid touching nose or mouth.

Thesis include the following:

Wash your hands

Make sure you wash your hands throughout the day here. Just do not wash their hands after using the toilet, it works your hands regularly throughout the day regardless of your server may be used to wash. Just because you can not see germs such as flu virus could mean that they are not present.

Avoid contact in the toilet

As your school or office toilet (or any public restroom facilities), use of equipment in the toilet to try to avoid coming into contact with anyone. Many schools and offices is up on the latest technology to combat the public restroom 'germs to help them. Decisions of the thesis is usually due to outcry from staff and students alike to have made a clean restroom facilities. Touch you with free tools currently do not have access to a toilet, the chances about your teacher, ask the supervisor or manager.

Some touch-free bathroom equipment options, automatic toilet flushers, automatic soap dispensers and faucets, and women are involved in hands-free waste disposal units, just to name a few.

A victim to the flu viruses do not have the flu season. Take precautionary steps listed above and the potential to be active in germ avoid some of these areas.

Carrie Eltringham is marketing director for the good. Good to provide full-service hygiene technologies and services reduce the risk of infection, proper hygiene practices to promote, foster and ultimately the welfare and wellbeing.